Al - Mokhtar clinic has the pleasure to offer you
     and to your family all the facilities in the sphere
     of advanced medical and therapeutically services
     hoping to contract with you  upon admission
     of your patient for performance of and
     providing necessary medical care according
     to a determined plan that we shall agree upon .. 


The pharmacy department provides an accurate and responsive drug distribution system for all hospital inpatients out patients.
Our aim is to ensure the safe, effective and economic use of medicines by clinic prescribes, patients and staff.

The department is responsible for the purchase and storage of all pharmaceutical products.
The pharmacy provides a drug information service for all clinic staff. This service is under constant improvement as the number of reference sources stocked in the pharmacy increases. We also provide a telephone advice line for patients who have received medications from the clinic.
A ward pharmacy and clinical service is now provided on all wards. A pharmacist visits these wards on a daily basis and monitors each patients drug kardex. The purpose of prescription monitoring is to help ensure that the patients receive drug treatment, as intended by the prescriber and as required for optimal care.
Cytotoxic drug preparation service to the hospital oncology unit.
Pharmacy sales from outpatient dispensary.