Al - Mokhtar clinic has the pleasure to offer you
 and to your family all the facilities in the sphere
 of advanced medical and therapeutically services
 , hoping to contract with you  upon admission

of your patient for performance of and providing necessary medical care according to a determined plan that we shall agree upon .. 

Here under is a resume about our activities

A- Out  Patients department consists of :-
      orthopedics , general surgery , general medicine , gynecology ,
      urology , dermatology , pediatric , dentist .

  Emergerg Dept. 
+ working 24 Hr's with quick responding staff

  Radiology Dept.
                   + MRI     
                  + C.T.
                  + X-RAY
                  + X-RAY contrast
                  + O.B.G.
                  + Dental X-RAY
                  + Mamograph

    Diagnostic units:-
- Echo
        - Endoscopies unit
        - Fetal electrocardiogram .
        - Audiogram .
        - Radiological and X-ray rooms .
        - Clinical laboratory for performance of all kinds of medical analysis
        - Endoscopes unit .

    in patient dept , consists of :-
        -single and double bedded rooms complete with W.C. , television ,
        and air-conditioning .
       - A team of specialists , technicians , nurses and competent service
         supervisors ..

   Operation Section:

         We have 4 operation theaters , complete with highly advanced
          equipments ..

  We strive to take care and look after your patient and would like to
       draw your attention that we also guarantee all medical services

       available in our clinic or elsewhere and to provide all means of
       comb fort to your patient , and arrange their appointment for
       examination .

       and supply you with medical reports on their treatment upon
       request , finally , we have the honor to invite you to visit our 
       clinic , your acceptance of this invitation would be highly 
       appreciated . .


          Our clinic has the following :-
          advanced physiotherapy centre with following facilities 
1- Akinesotherapy hall .
             2- Under water massage , swimming pool .
             3- An electrotherapy unit ( fully equipped ).
             4- A thermo therapy  unit ( sauna and fango ).

 This centre admits fracture and muscular injuries cases , disc prolepses 
 and backache disorders , rheumatism , muscles and nerves disease and
 stroke and obesity .