Al - Mokhtar clinic has the pleasure toput at your
    at disposal all its facilities in the sphere of
    advanced medical and theraeutical services ,
     hoping to contract with you  upon admission


Welcome to the Almokhtar Clinic Engineering Department. We are an on-site facility, supplying a range of services to all departments within the Hospital and Clinic.
We work to provide a safe, functional and supportive facility for our patients, their families, our staff and visitors. To reach this goal, the buildings, medical and other equipment must be effectively managed. In particular we strive to:
Reduce and control the hazards & risks
Prevention of accidents & injuries
Maintain safe conditions

Emergency Plan
We develop, implement and co-ordinate a front line emergency plan which is activated in the event of, for example,
Fire alarm
ESB power failure
Or other major incidents which may effect the normal smooth
  running of our hospital.


All equipment purchased for the Hospital undergoes mechanical evaluation by our department to ensure that the current, and any developing standards are adhered to, thus ensuring a safer environment for both patients and users.

Planned Preventative Maintenance
The implementation of a planned preventative maintenance schedule that encompasses all mechanical, electrical and medical equipment. This is a computer-based system from which all our scheduled maintenance work is generated and distributed to the members of our department.

Unplanned Maintenance
On a daily basis we deal with maintenance requests generated from all areas of the hospital and clinic.