Al - Mokhtar clinic has the pleasure to offer you
    and to your family all the facilities in the sphere of
    advanced medical and therapeutically services ,
     hoping to contract with you  upon admission

                          of your patient for performance of and providing necessary medical 
                          care according to a determined plan that we shall agree upon .. 
The clinic offers a comprehensive range of outpatient services in a comfortable, well-equipped departments. Skilled nurses and administrative staff provide a quality service to patients and clinicians. To facilitate flexibility with appointments, the departments and open Saturday to Thursday, inclusive of evening clinics and certain every mornings.

With over 30 consultants using the clinic  Out patients Departments, consultations can be provided for most specialties including:-
+ Anesthesiology
+ Cardiology 
+ Dermatology
+ Ear, Nose and Throat
+ Gastroenterology

+ Infectious Diseases
+ Internal Medicine
+ Nephrology
+ Neurology

+ Neurosurgery

- Oncology

- Orthopedic Surgery
- Pediatrics
- Pulmonary Diseases
- Radiology
- Surgery - General and Vascular
- Urology


Dr. Mahmoud Gaddour
The general manager